Our Mission

Join us as we celebrate 10 years of learning!

CodeJam is a hackathon that enables students to test their practical skills in a supportive, engaging, and, most of all, fun environment. Over the course of 36 hours, students will be challenged to brainstorm innovative ideas, to solve difficult problems, and to create an awesome prototype. All the while, students are supported by experienced mentors from companies such as your own. Our goal? To help give students the confidence and skills they need to own their professional growth, and to provide them with the industry connections necessary to accelerate that same growth.

CodeJam is McGill University’s largest engineering competition, with participant counts over 250 each year. We are supported by McGill’s Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Student Society — a student society that represents 1000+ McGill Engineering students.

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Build an awesome project with your team over the course of the weekend (and get feedback and mentoring throughout).
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Team up to brainstorm solutions to the problem at hand and apply ideas to come up with effective results.
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Discover the Engineering World

Whether it be business insurance, investments, performing arts, or artificial intelligence, the hackathon exposes students to the engineering world.
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Meet like-minded hackers and share your knowledge.
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Internship Opportunities

Connect with companies looking to hire the next generation of talented developers.
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Cash prizes are up for grabs! More details about the prize breakdown to be determined.