Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

GatherTown Guide

Tech Fair on GatherTown:

How do I give a sponsor my CV?

Simply approach the sign beside the sponsor desk and press 'x', then follow the link and fill the form!

How do I talk to a sponsor?

It's as easy as walking up to a sponsor booth in person and initiating conversation! If you want the sponsor to see your CV, make sure you send it first!

Group Spaces

At Tech Fair, if you enter a grey rectangle, you will join a conversation with everyone else there!

Got Lost?

Each section has access to an elevator that you can use to teleport to any floor!

So lost that you can't find the elevator? Click the gear icon in the bottom toolbar and press "respawn

Interacting with Others

Video chat with other people:

If your mic and video is on, you can simply walk up to another participant, just like in person! You can even adjust your interaction distance in the bottom toolbar.

Full screen video chat:

If you want to prioritize the video call on screen, you can press the double down arrow to enter full screen mode. To exit, press the double up arrow.

Want to have a sit down conversation?

Walk up to one of the various tables with chairs and you will enter a "private space." In these areas you can chat with other participants sitting in the space.

In addition to the video calling options, you can alternatively message in the Global (Everyone), Local (Only people in your interaction distance) or private chats at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Don't forget to get other people's names so you can message them on Discord later!

Interacting with Gather Town

Want to check what's on the tv?

Walk up and click the 'x' key. You will be able to maximize and minimize the video, and walk away to stop playback

Lost your friend?

Simply search for your friend in the list of online participants and click "locate", Gather Town will show you the way back!

Enough tips! I wanna play games!!

You can also play games with your friends in the Trottier Student Lounge! Simply walk up to a game board and press 'X'!

Other fun tips!

Want to show off funky moves?

Hold 'Z' to dance!

Stuck in between a large crowd?

Hold 'G' to walk through them!

Want to change your appearence on Gather?

Click the little character at the left side of the bottom toolbar to change!