November 16-18, 2018 @ McGill University

What is CodeJam?

CodeJam is the yearly hackathon run by the McGill Electrical, Computer, and Software Student Society in our very own Trottier Engineering Building. We provide an engaging environment for students to learn and have fun over a weekend of coding!

  • Code

    Build an awesome project with your team over the course of the weekend (and get feedback and mentoring throughout).

  • Network

    Meet like-minded hackers and connect with companies looking to hire their next batch of talented developers.

  • Food

    Great meals and snacks will be provided all weekend. This goes from Friday's dinner all the way to Sunday's lunch!

  • Prizes

    $4000 in cash prizes are up for grabs! More details about the prize breakdown to be determined.


This year's theme

We’re excited to announce PATTERN RECOGNITION as the theme for code.jam(2018). With the explosive growth of machine learning and the rise of Montreal as an AI hub, we saw fit to organize a hackathon to explore the practical applications of pattern recognition.

As part of our competition format, we'll be dividing this theme into 3 categories, which will be revealed on the day of the competition!


Have any questions not listed here? Say hi at or leave us a message at our Facebook page. We'll try to answer all queries as soon as possible! 🚀

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